Amber Agate Pendant Necklace with jasper gemstone and adjustable length copper chain.
Long Necklace Agate Gemstones, Amber and Honey Brown Stones, Large Pendant, Copper Chain, Handmade Jewelry by Mollie Meserve for Rough Magic Creations
Amber Agate Pendant Necklace handmade jewelry Designed by Mollie Meserve for Rough Magic Creations
Large Pendant on Gemstone Beaded Necklace, Earthy Colors, Amber Honey Brown Agate and Jasper, Copper Chain, Sophisticated Jewelry handmade by Mollie Meserve for Rough Magic Creations.
Amber Agate Pendant Necklace
Long Gemstone Necklace, Handmade Jewelry with Earthy Honey Brown Stones, Large Pendant, Copper Chain
Amber Agate Pendant on Gemstone Bead & Chain Necklace, casual sophisticated handmade jewelry design by Mollie Meserve for Rough Magic Creations.
Artisan jewelry design by Mollie Ann Meserve for Rough Magic Creations, large gemstone pendant with agate, jasper, African copper, stone beaded necklace, adjustable rolo chain, handcrafted hook and eye clasp.
Gemstone necklace with large pendant, classic style, earth tone honey brown and amber agate and jasper stones, copper chain.
Long Gemstone Necklace with Honey Brown Stone, Large Pendant, Copper Chain

Long Gemstone Necklace with Honey Brown Stone, Large Pendant, Copper Chain

Mollie Meserve Designs
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With the warm glow of natural agate gemstones in rich shades of amber, deep honey and brown, this sophisticated necklace measures up to 24 inches long (elegant matinée length) and showcases a stunning mixed stone pendant and an adjustable copper chain.

Designed and handcrafted by Mollie Meserve with a stylish and confident woman in mind, this unique artisan piece combines elements of boho chic, traditional and modern trends to make a fashion statement that will turn heads wherever she wears it.

Versatile in appeal, it will go from daytime events to evening occasions and never miss a beat. From lunching with friends to a night at the theatre, it will always be right at home.

From neutral linen and silk for spring and summer to wool and blends for fall and winter, this designer creation will compliment and enhance any tailored look or dressy ensemble.

The large pendant showcases a wavy, or creased, coin of translucent agate above a colorful ocean jasper teardrop briolette mottled with gold, brown and white. Handmade African copper beads alternate with the stones and also begin the beaded section of the necklace.

Above the pendant, faceted agate oblongs match the color of the coin and establish the palette for the strand. Each side of the necklace comprises stations of agate rondelles and a single sphere. Alternating with dainty copper beads, these stones repeat the earth tones with additions of lighter and darker gems.

The chain at the back is finished with our handcrafted clasp, allowing for easy conversion to princess, choker or collar length.


  • Gemstones
    • Agate
    • Ocean jasper
  • Solid copper
    • Trade beads from Africa ( Ghana or Ethiopia )
    • Small ball beads
    • Hammered hook and eye clasp
    • Rolo Chain

Stylistic influences:

  • Edwardian statement
  • Early 20th century fashion
  • Updated modern styles
  • Classical traditions
  • Subtle sophistication
  • Bohemian trends