Description of Cosmic Statement Earrings with Copper Hoops & Teal Pearls


These large earrings are designed to appeal to the modern woman who prefers unusual handmade artisan jewelry, who knows her own style, and who is not shy about making her individual fashion statement wherever she goes.

Lovely for so many occasions - from everyday casual to evening elegance, this pair is also ideal for events and celebrations:
•  For her birthday, the pearl is the June birthstone.
•  For the 7th wedding anniversary, copper is the traditional choice.
•  To say "I love you!" whatever the day.

  • Styles and Statements:
    • Abstract / Geometric
    • Art Nouveau   
    • Avant Garde
    • Edgy / Mod
  • Dimensions:
    • Overall length - 1 1/2 inches
    • Hoop diameter - 7/8"
    • Pearls - 1/4" ( 6mm- 7mm)
  • Materials:
    • Genuine freshwater pearls
    • Solid copper wire
  • Our processing time: 1- 2 business days

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