Description of Sideways Cross Bracelet Antique Copper Chain

  • Construction:
    • Balanced by an opposing large focal clasp, the cross is gently curved to lie comfortably across the wrist.
    • Between the head of the cross and the gracefully curved toggle bar, the asymmetrical chain comprises a series of 3- in- 3 jump rings.
    • From the foot of the cross to the keeper loop, a trio of dark oxidized copper circles, embraced on each side by a jump ring, are connected by figure 8 infinity links.
  • Special features:
    • "The Old Rugged Cross" hymn theme
    • 100% authentically handmade components
    • Contrasting patinas
    • Original artisan concept design
    • Unique metalwork - chainmaille style

Description of Sideways Cross Bracelet Antiqued Copper Chain👆🏼
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  • Palette colors:
    • Warm burnt orange / umber
    • Deep brown / bronze / gray tones
  • Stylistic influences:
    • Rustic / Primitive
    • Old World antiquarian
    • Unisex
    • Casual everyday
    • All occasions
    • Boho bohemian
  • Materials:
    • Industrial sheet copper and tubing - upcycled, repurposed, textured, fire kissed
    • Hand cut and formed chain components
    • Handcrafted toggle clasp
    • Nontoxic eco-friendly oxidizing agent
  • Our processing time: 3- 5 business days

If you'd like the bracelet in a bright non-oxidized finish, please contact Mollie for details. She welcomes custom orders and will work with you throughout the process to create a special bracelet just for you.

  • Note - To ensure that your bracelet fits properly, follow these instructions:
  1. Use a soft tape measure, cord or ribbon.
  2. Wrap around the wrist at the bone, leaving space to insert your index finger comfortably between the tape and the wristbone.
  3. Note the length in increments of 1/2 inch, and select the nearest size from the drop down "Wrist Size" menu on the bracelet listing page.

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