Olive Green Bracelet with Serpentine New Jade, Agate Gemstones Antique Brass by Rough Magic Creations

Olive Green Gemstone Bracelet with Serpentine, Agate and Antique Brass

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This chunky green bracelet, beaded with serpentine (aka olive jade / new jade*), striated agate stones and antiqued brass will make a spectacular stand alone statement or stunning centerpiece in a fashionable stack.

With rustic overtones, sophisticated look and earthy autumn palette, this design is ideal for a woman who loves the look of large semi-precious gems and the unique quality of handmade jewelry.


  • Round gemstone spheres
    • Natural translucent serpentine
    • Dyed streaked agate
  • Oxidized brass
    • Petal caps
    • Cushion rondelle beads
    • Handcrafted hook and eye clasp
  • Natural tan jewelry presentation box (see the photos for an example)

We'll mail your bracelet to you within 1 to 3 business days after receiving your order.

  • Please note: While the bracelet in the photos will most comfortably fit a lady's size 6" to 6 1/2 inch wrist, we'll be happy to alter it a bit, or create a bespoke bracelet for you, if you prefer another size. Please inquire ahead of time to discuss the possibilities and options. Thank you!

*Serpentine is a lovely stone which, despite frequent mis-identification, is not a form or jade.

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