Fall fashion jewelry, handmade necklace with copper maple leaf in gemstone beaded chain by Mollie Meserve for Rough Magic Creations.

Rustic Copper Leaf Pendant on Gemstone Beaded Chain Necklace

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A hand forged copper maple leaf creates a rustic centerpiece for Mollie Meserve's boho necklace - a beaded chain of autumn gemstones that's sure to delight a woman who loves a natural palette and woodland inspired handmade jewelry.

Cut by hand from solid copper, the leaf is hammered for texture and veining, then treated to a blue flame bath to achieve the distinctive antique patina that defines so much of Mollie's work.

At the front, moss agate faceted coins in shades of green and gray are accented by fancy jasper stone spheres in dark red, deep forest green, and supporting colors.

The beaded links connect at the back to a copper cable chain which, finished with Mollie's handcrafted, hand hammered hook and eye clasp, easily transforms from matinee and princess lengths to choker. (The figure 8 eye supports a small dangle of green jasper.)


  • Necklace length - Adjustable up to approximately 21 inches.
  • Maple leaf  - 1.25" by 1.25 inch


  • Solid copper -
    • Hand forged maple leaf
    • Hand wrapped gem beaded chain
    • Cable chain
    • Handmade clasp
  • Gemstones -
    • Moss agate
    • Fancy jasper
  • Stylistic influences -
    • Bohemian fashion
    • Nature
    • Autumn leaves
    • Primitive

Your necklace will be on its way to you within 1 to 3 business days after we receive your order and will arrive in a complementary natural color presentation box similar to the one shown in the photo.

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